Sursa de tensiune SC-25T-p

Technical specifications
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  • Source SC-25T-p is a switching source with 12-14Vcc / 2.5A microprocessor in flameproof plastic housing with battery space up to 7Ah.

  • SC-25T-p
    Nominal input voltage: 230V ca. (+/- 10%), 50Hz
    Rated output voltage: 14V or 12V
    Maximum supply current: 2.5A
    Yield: approx. 85%
    Overload or short-circuit protection on the output
    Overtemperature protection (120grade Celsius)
    Possibility to connect a maximum 7Ah buffer battery
    Battery charging current: approx. 300mA (for 14V output, for 12V output it is not possible to charge the battery at nominal voltage)
    Reverse buffer protection of the buffer battery
    Protect against excessive battery discharge
    Possibility to deactivate the source via an active control signal (SHDN) at the table
    Function & ldquo; SOFT START & rdquo
    When setting the output voltage (increasing the output voltage is progressively from zero to the nominal voltage, in about 1 second) to avoid pulse current
    Range of operating temperatures: from 0 to 50 degrees Celsius
    Humidity: 90% free of condensation


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